Best Places to Buy Property in the UK

Tim Meakin

Best Places to Buy Property in the UK

With house prices still rising, there is no better time to invest in property. When investing in property, it is important to take note of the changes that are presently occurring in the area. This is, after all, a big indicator of the kind of returns that you can expect if you are to go through with the purchase

The increase in Stamp Duty, Brexit, as well as the present housing shortage, are all things that can have some profound effects on the housing market this year. However, taking the time to keep an eye on new transport links as well as regeneration plans will make it possible for you to successfully find the best areas around that would be more ideal to invest in.

First-time buyers seem to have set their eyes on Croydon. Considered as the fast-rising Silicon Valley in the UK, prices have since risen by about 20% in 2016- certainly, the highest rise ever experienced in the country. However, with prices still sitting below the average in the capital, the present development scale may be able to put a temporary cap on the prices. That being said, below are some of the top places for investing in property.


This commuter belt surrounding London is fast becoming very popular especially to professionals that cannot afford the costs of living in the capital. Basingstoke is one of the most attractive places for property investment. The town does have its own thriving employment sector with companies such as Barclays and Sony calling it home. More than half of its residents are employed in the town. However, it has the highest digital business concentration in the UK. Add to that the large redevelopment and regeneration projects on the horizon and it is one place where stock is expected to rise.

Wood Green

The prices of properties in Wood Green are somewhat more modest when compared to such places as Crouch End or Muswell Hill. However, these numbers are expected to rise as a result of the £3.5 billion investment towards revitalising its town centre, along with the redevelopment in a number of sites in the area. It is an ideal spot for patient property investors that are very much looking forward to long-term hauls.


Property investors are focusing their eyes on Salford and this decision is being affirmed by the recent investment of $1 billion poured into MediaCityUK. More than 60,000 people are being employed in the digital and creative industries operating in Greater Manchester and these numbers are only going to grow. The 70,000 students that come to the city every term is not something that buy-to-let investors should definitely not ignore too.


Liverpool is undergoing numerous schemes for housing regeneration. This is only going to cause pricing across the city to rise. The L1 postcode alone has seen a rise of 41.2%. There is also a notable student population in the area. The place offers low house pricing and high value for rental properties. This is one place where student investment is expected to bring in excellent profits.

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