Buying Property to Rent

Tim Meakin

Buying Property to Rent

For people that are looking for attractive investments, buy-to-let can be a good choice. Despite stock market volatility and low rates, there has been a strong resurgence in these types of investments in recent times. If you are thinking of investing in property or thinking of improving your returns through a buy-to-let scheme, it matters that you do things right.

Buy-to-let does not come with any guarantee. However, for people that prefer bricks and mortars to investing in shares and stocks, it can indeed become such a valuable option for investment. Below are some tips that you should remember to help you get the most out of a buy-to-let investment.

Location matters

This is not something that would apply to buy-to-let purchases alone, but with every property purchase in general. The only difference is that when you are looking for a buy-to-let investment, there are other things that you will need to consider instead of just deciding whether this is a place that you can see yourself residing at.

Make sure that the property is accessible. Make sure that it is one place that you should not have a hard time getting to. Despite having a letting agent looking after things for you, there may still be a need for you to visit it every now and then it helps if getting there does not have to take you several hours.

Consider your budget

Always consider your budget before you embark on a buy-to-let purchase. You want to keep track of the costs that you are incurring. Add into the mix the tax that you need to pay and make sure to factor in the effects that it will have in your bottom line. Brushing up on the changes in the buy-to-let market is always a good first step so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Know about your legal responsibilities

Make sure that you are aware of the legal responsibilities of your tenants too. This means making sure that you get a good look at the full list of responsibilities of landlords and tenants as provided by the government’s website. Familiarising yourself with these responsibilities is important since a number of them can result in charges in the event that there is a failure of adherence.

Coordinate with the professionals

You will want to work closely with an estate agent. The best thing about having one is that they know the area very well. They should be able to offer you some advice on where the best rental places are as well as making sure that you are only going to be connected with good tenants.

Choose your market well

Find out what kind of tenants you are looking for. After all, this is going to affect the approach that you are going to make when it comes to your strategy. This affects where you will buy the property too in order to make the most of your audience. Always have a clear goal set ahead of time so you know exactly which direction this buy-to-let scheme is headed to.

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